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Buckle up, Thought Voyagers.

It’s Szoon Cinematiks Takeoff.

Forget cookie-cutter comedies and predictable popcorn flicks. Here at Szoon Cinematiks, we crack open the proverbial skull and serve laughter laced with introspection, absurdity sprinkled with truth. Our movies aren’t just for kicking back; they’re for kicking off a riot in your brain.

We hold a mirror to society, reflecting cracks of hypocrisy and glimmers of hope in equal measure. Our stories are playgrounds where satire swings on the trapeze of thought-provoking questions, where laughter takes a detour through the unexpected, and heroes wear trench coats, not capes.

We’re not afraid to punch upwards or tickle the underbelly. We’ll make you chuckle nervously at the absurdity of it all, then leave you pondering like a philosopher with a hangover. This ain’t your grandpa’s cinema. This is a mind-bending roller coaster with a pit stop for critical thinking.

So, buckle up, curious comrades. We’re not just here to entertain. We’re here to jolt your senses, twist your perspective, and leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the world. Welcome to Szoon Cinematiks, where the popcorn comes with a side of existentialism.


V RESIST - A Short movie by Szoon Media


“V RESIST” takes you on a thrilling trip with two passengers Aakash and Mitti Lal along with two separate drivers Saajan and Johnny. As Johnny navigates the murky waters of toxic relationships and confronts uncomfortable truths about society, a gripping murder mystery unfolds, forcing him to confront not just the killer, but the demons within. One of our viewers Alisha Bhatia writes “You should be prepared to be captivated by this multi-layered one of its kind film, a potent cocktail of social commentary, psychological intrigue, and raw human drama that will leave you questioning the very fabric of our world.”


Under the banner of Szoon Media, director Sumit Chadha weaves a darkly comic tale of astrological ambition gone wrong in “ASTRO-KNOTS.” Two rising stars in the world of fortune-telling, their pronouncements once ringing true, face the uncertainty of their fame as predictions go other sides. Desperation seizes them, driving them to exploit a village boy, pushing him beyond his limits in a quest for renewed success. But as their gamble spirals out of control, “ASTRO-KNOTS” takes a sharp turn, plunging into the dusty depths of manipulation and the unforeseen consequences of playing with fate. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through laughter and suspense as the film unravels the astrologers’ tangled destinies, leaving you to ponder the true meaning of foresight in this gripping comedy thriller.



An episodic series.

Dive into the hilarious chaos of family life in “BHEJA – DRY,” a heartwarming comedy-drama series from Szoon Media. Based on a beloved stage play by director Sumit Chadha, this episodic gem follows the trials and tribulations of a typical Indian family. Teenagers grapple with the pressures of academic achievement and parental expectations, all while eagerly competing for their parents’ attention amidst the mayhem. Throw in a bumbling housekeeper, a grandfather prone to nostalgic ramblings, and a dash of intergenerational clashes.

Witness the students of Szoon Media shine as they bring these quirky characters to life under Sumit Chadha’s expert direction. Each episode brims with relatable humor, touching moments, and thought-provoking situations that will resonate with viewers of all ages. So join the ride, share a laugh, and let “BHEJA – DRY” remind you of the joys and challenges that bind families together.

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Buckle up for “Chor Machaye Shor,” a side-splitting children’s film from Szoon Media where laughter meets learning! Watch as a mischievous school teacher, notorious for her “marks-for-money” scheme, stumbles headfirst into a new comedy of errors. After getting caught red-handed, her thirst for easy bucks leads her to a hilarious collision course with Ramesh, a quirky lottery seller whose flamboyant salesmanship promises guaranteed fortune. But will this be another trap for the teacher, or could she turn the tables on the “lottery wala” himself?

Witness the magic unfold as Szoon Media’s talented child actors bring this whimsical tale to life with infectious energy and comedic timing. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of mistaken identities, slapstick shenanigans, and heartwarming lessons about honesty and integrity. “Chor Machaye Shor” is more than just a laugh-out-loud adventure; it’s a reminder that sometimes, the greatest treasures are found in unexpected places.

So join the fun and discover the charm of this delightful short film! Don’t forget to share your precious feedback in the comments and spread the joy with your loved ones. Let’s celebrate the power of laughter and learning, one hilarious escapade at a time!


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