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THEATRE ; A playground for actors to explore their talent and evolve as a professional.

This is an initiative by Szoon, for the actors (beginners/non-beginners), who wants to get more exposure on stage and take on an amazing journey where actors explores several forms of acting and story telling on stage/street.

Actors who understands the needs, rather than train, it is to prepare the instrument/tool (Body, Voice, Mind and Heart) and getting equipped, confident to achieve a level of belief, to take on any platform. As opposite to film or TV, stage/theatre push an actor to take on a challenge where he/she needs to perform his whole story in one go, without any kind of retakes. It also demands range in your voice to reach the last person standing in theatre, and to accomplish this an actor has to train his/her voice, which also plays a handy role in an actor’s over all journey.

In Our World

At Szoon Theatre, actors also get to understand the importance of space for any kind of performance, whether it’s whole theatre group performing for stage or a monologue or a soliloquy. Actors learn how to stay aware of the space, as one has to keep the light spots in mind, not to forget about the positions and the distance from the audiences as well.

Theatre offers and challenges you to face your audiences directly. It encourages you as an actor to go for the connection first (with co-actors and audiences), so that your audience doesn’t feel faked, cheated or detached.

Our Plays

Most of the plays are devised and developed from scratch. Hence it take every actor through the journey of exploring not only their role in the script, but also where it is coming from, how and why any of the incidents are taking place around their characters. Ultimately finding its importance to share with the audiences.







At Szoon Theatre Workshops, most of the techniques are applied to inspire actors to discover their own method.
At Szoon Theatre workshops, actors get to evolve as they play with several forms of theatre and international acting techniques.
Actors at Szoon Theatre not only work with the already written literature but most importantly they get to learn, how to originate and play with a new idea.
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