Education through Drama & Theatre

Development is a process and to ensure its healthiness, the best way is to have faith in inborn ability of a child to ‘DO’. The instructors of Szoon Theatre In Education division apply DRAMA and THEATRE with this trust in the child. This leads to work on the core of actors. Through this understanding of human child’s inborn ability to respond quickly, to Act-React,a highly enthusiastic and playful atmosphere is created for children to be ‘WHO THEY ARE’. They question quickly whatever they watch, they hear, they sense. so they find themselves connected very quickly with the lines of the characters. We focus on inspiring the actors to analyse the problems and seek unique solutions.‘TO PLAY’ is their innate interest, so through theatre conceptual games and exercises, a highly playful atmosphere is created. This provides an organic atmosphere for children to transform into a better developed personality. Observational skills get developed, that motivates diverse opinions and perceptions.

The Art of learning

To find the best ways to teach, ways to pass on information, a lesson or a technique is veiled in the ways different age groups react to stories.

” The best way to share is the best way to teach. “

– Sumit Chadha

Learn – Play – Evolve

Passing on just information from books, newspapers or magazines with dogmatic lecturing isn’t enough to educate a mind. Drama and Theatre fulfil the needs to interact with the information, physically, vocally, intellectually and find more doors connected to it. Szoon Theatre in Education workshops have been successful in providing creative tools for the teachers on how to find connection with students. It has helped teachers to pick the real problem and find innovative solutions.

Discover your Relationship with Yourself

Knowing more about the world, diverse cultures, social dynamics, languages, technologies and case studies can make you ignore yourself. Drama and Theatre allows you to look for yourself, finding yourself as a personality in new shades, exploring more layers and permitting yourself to play with your potential to transform.

In a student’s life, to empower him/her with variety of skills, an innovative, sensitive and an open minded teacher plays a key role.

Szoon Theatre In Education workshops shares unique tools, techniques and methodologies with teachers in service and the teachers in training. Our Drama/Theatre resources are applicable to the teaching of all subjects and raise the effectiveness of chalk and talk system.

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